Puppy Broker services

Broker service(selling your puppies for you)

I offer puppy brokerage service.Say your not a full time breeder with a extensive and reputable reputation,I can help sell your litter of puppies for a small fee of only 25% per puppy.This way you don’t have to resort to dealing with Craigslist and other sites that have competition and will flag your advertisement down.I have a extensive wait list of people waiting to buy puppies.As long as your pricing is 2000$ and under I guarantee you i can sell your puppies fast and to good homes,also the lower your price the lower % i take.The way it works is at 5 weeks you bring the puppies to my business and i take care of them and the mom for the remaining 3 weeks and advertise the puppies through my website and social media accounts.I do it this way because people wanna see the living environment and the parents when buying a puppy and its a red flag if the parents aren’t available on site.

$500.00 500.00

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