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Stud services

Stud services

Its $500.00 for the first natural tie that happens.

Each additional tie is a 100$ each.

I recommend at least 3 ties to guarentee your female gets pregnant although depending on the timeing only one tie may be necessary for a pregnancy.I also keep in contact with all clients to know if the dog got pregnant or the event she doesn't get pregnant from the amount of ties that I recommend i will do the next breeding half off,but i will need proof and confirmation that she didn't get pregnant.

examples of proof:



bring the dog in person back to me to verify in person

The reason i ask for proof is to insure nothing fraudulent occurs and for my own protection.

Artificial insemination is offered in the event that the dogs dont get along with each other or is dog aggressive and or inexperienced,it is a last resort if you really want your female dog to get pregnant,I recommend at least 3 sessions over the course of a week to guarantee a pregnancy.I have my own AI kit and i know how to do it,so there's nothing extra you have to do except keep her calm while the session is in progress.I can do one session per day.Its $500.00 for 3 sessions.If for whatever reason you don’t wanna do the recommended sessions I CAN NOT GUARANTEE your dog will get pregnant!

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